2014 American Silver Eagle

2014 American Silver Eagle Values
2014 American Silver Eagle

Coin Info

Melt Value
United States
Silver Coin
Metal Content
1 t oz
Face Value
$1 USD
Issuing Mint
U.S. Mint
Year Issued

2014 American Silver Eagles are one of the world’s leading bullion coins. The American Silver Eagle series took flight in 1986 after the passage of the 1985 Bullion Coin Act. All-times sales topped 400 million on December 8, 2014, marking just one of several highlights during what became a very busy year for popular silver bullion coin.

Here’s a breakdown of the 2014 American Silver Eagle varieties, their mintages, and values:

  • 2014 bullion, 44,006,000; spot price

  • 2014-W burnished finish, 249,752; $65

  • 2014-W proof, 745,394; $65

For the fifth time in six years, American Silver Eagles broke sales records in 2014. Much of the sales activity came in the last part of the year. More than 1.15 million 2014 American Silver Eagles were sold on one day alone during the autumn of that year, and a sellout occurred in November. In all, 10 million American Silver Eagles were sold in over the months of October and November.

While 2014 was a robust year for American Silver Eagles, there were two fewer offerings that year than in 2013 – the exclusion of the enhanced finish and reverse proof silver eagles. The two-coin set in 2014 was missed by many numismatists that year, but it’s not uncommon for certain issues to randomly appear or disappear from the American Silver Eagle lineup. Reverse proofs have occasionally popped up for the series since 2006, and the enhanced finish American Silver Eagle had only appeared for the first time in 2013.

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