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City: Oak Park
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State: Maryland
City: Rockville
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State: Florida
City: Sarasota
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State: Pennsylvania
City: Gettysburg
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State: Minnesota
City: Wayzata
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State: Texas
City: Fort Worth
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State: Tennessee
City: Brentwood
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State: Vermont
City: South Burlington

Whether you’re buying or selling coins, coin dealers are going to be a pretty important part of your life as a numismatist or investor. A coin dealer is a professional who offers coins, bullion products, coin supplies, coin books, and just about everything else you’ll need to be successful at and enjoy coin collecting and investing. Coin dealers are also pretty knowledgeable, too.

Of course, choosing the right coin dealer for you will be a matter of finding one whom buys and sells coins near you. There are also online coin dealers, of which there are hundreds around the United States. has an online directory that can help you find reputable coin dealers near you.

Here at Coin Values, we understand just how integral it is to find and work with the right coin dealer. For that reason, we have a number of excellent resources right here that will help you in learning more about how to choose a coin dealer, knowing the proper etiquette for buying from and selling coins to a coin dealer, and other important topics. We also have extensive information on coin dealers around the United States, which can help make it easier for you to find the right coin dealer for your unique needs.

Whether you need a coin dealer who can sell you a few Lincoln cents or Morgan silver dollars, or you’re looking for an American silver eagle bullion coin distributor that can help you set up a competitive precious metals portfolio, you’re sure to find the right professionals here at Coin Values. Our list of coin dealers, as well as other coin dealer information, is always expanding. So, be sure to check back frequently for the latest scoop on coin professionals and other industry insight.

As you’ll find, there are practically countless coin dealers who serve local, national, and even international shoppers. Knowing whom to choose as your coin dealer isn’t a matter of who is the largest, has the widest inventory, or anything else of that sort. Rather, it’s selecting a coin dealer that provides you with the depth of inventory you need, offers his or her coins at fair prices, practices honest business ethics, and knows what they’re talking about.

At Coin Values, we provide you with the valuable tools you need to find reputable coin dealers, and we hope you find this information useful. Please also be sure to check out our coin value guides. While the coin prices you see offered here at Coin Values do not represent an offer to buy or sell coins, nor are they strict industry standards, they do provide you with a loose guideline on what you may expect to pay when you’re buying coins from coin dealers.

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