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Bullion Shark Offers Stunning, Privately Minted Bullion Products

Bullion Shark Offers Stunning, Privately Minted Bullion Products

​Bullion Shark offers its customers a full line of Bullion Shark silver bullion products. This line includes a 1oz silver round, 10oz silver bar and a 500oz "Great White Box." These products are unique in that they are IRA eligible, unlike many other privately minted products. This means that these silver bullion items can be purchased with IRA funds like the government issued Silver Eagle. Each product in the Bullion Shark line is .999 pure and goes through a quality control screening to ensure optimal satisfaction. Each features the Bullion Shark logo which is a quite unique design as seen in the photos.

Bullion Shark introduced these products to give investors a cheaper alternative to government issued silver bullion coins with the same purity and quality. The Bullion Shark 1oz Silver Round features a "Bullion Shark" on the obverse, and the reverse displays a "School of Bullion Sharks." The Bullion Shark 10oz Bar features the same logo on the front, and the reverse is covered in a beautiful, crossing pattern. The Great White Box is a white box with the Bullion Shark Logo on the front. Each box contains 500 Bullion Shark 1oz Rounds. This was designed as a cost effective alternative to the Silver Eagle Monster Box. Each one of the products in the Bullion Shark line is absolutely stunning and hopefully there are more options on the way. 

A 100oz silver bar, 1/2 oz gold coin and a 1oz gold coin may be on the way soon! Check back on the blog for updates on new additions.

Bullion Shark 1 oz Silver Round
Bullion Shark 10 oz Silver Bar
Bullion Shark Great White Box

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