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Is 2015 the Year to Buy American Silver Eagles?

Is 2015 the Year to Buy American Silver Eagles?

Is 2015 the year for American silver eagle coins?

As we start rolling through the new year, many investors and others who had spent the last days of 2014 on their holiday vacations are returning to their usual routines and have noticed that silver prices are still temptingly low. About as low as they have been for much of the 2014 fourth quarter. 

That's a period marked by the distribution of millions of American silver eagles by the United States Mint, including a sellout of the popular silver bullion coin in November. The U.S. Mint is now gearing up to begin 2015 American silver eagle production and is slated to take orders for the new silver eagles on January 12.

Is Now the Time to Buy Silver Eagles? 

The question many silver coin investors may be asking themselves right now is how long will bullion prices hold below $20 an ounce? The answer may be found by looking at other market considerations, including the U.S. economy and oil prices. For example, the price of oil per barrel now sits in the low $50s and reports indicate crude could be dropping to $50 per barrel, which would be a 5-1/2-year low.

Meanwhile, one of the strongest influencers of silver prices – gold – also continues to see softening prices.

While many factors are at play, the two market conditions mentioned here have a strong relationship with the price of silver. At this point, there seems to be plenty of evidence to suggest that silver prices may remain stable or potentially drop even lower as the first quarter continues on.

The question to ask, then, is now the time to buy silver eagle coins?

Before You Buy Silver Eagles, Consider the Following...

I advise you to move forward with buying silver eagles only if you embrace a gambler’s mindset. Yes, prices look great right now, especially as compared to a few years ago, when silver was above $30 an ounce. If you’re patient, you may enjoy profits down the line when oil prices rebound or if there are any surprises on Wall Street.

But remember, the year is still young. Unless an unforeseen crisis or market revelation crosses the line, there could be a period coming up where metals investors simply sit on their hands for several weeks into the new year and get a feel for what silver prices are setting up to do in the coming months.

Today, silver is right about $16 an ounce, and that’s where it’s been for much of the holiday season. If you feel like the price of silver is just too good not to buy American silver eagles, then by all means make your move. But only do so if you’re prepared for accepting a loss should silver prices still inch downward. 

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