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Why Cull American Silver Eagles Are True Bargains

Why Cull American Silver Eagles Are True Bargains

You don’t hear much about the market for cull American silver eagles. This could be because many coin collectors and investors are focused on obtaining the whitest, highest-grading silver eagles they can find – and afford. But, if you think about, many bullion investors should also be looking at cull silver eagles with interest. That’s because these lower-end coins represent an affordable means of purchasing silver bullion that’s guaranteed by the U.S. government.

Cull American silver eagle coins are a great value because they provide the buyer with the usual full ounce .999 fine silver, but are priced much closer to the price of spot than silver eagles in better condition. And while a cull silver eagle may not be as pretty as the bullion, uncirculated, or proof specimens that reside in slabs, most cull silver eagles aren’t so far gone that they’re utterly unappealing. For the most part, a cull silver eagle may have spotty toning, a few scratches, or perhaps some other light to moderate surface blemishes due to mishandling that prevent the coin from grading exceptionally well.

While surface imperfections may bother some numismatists and high-end investors – many of whom savor MS 69 and MS 70 American silver eagles -- cull silver eagles are ideal for those who simply want a great deal on silver bullion. And, given that some cull silver eagle coins sell for as little as $2.50 to $3 over spot, there’s simply no better bargain out there for silver bugs who want U.S. bullion coinage. In fact, cull silver eagle coins are often on par with – or are cheaper than – silver art bars and generic silver rounds.

If you’re interested in buying cull American silver eagles, be sure to shop around online. Many coin dealers and silver brokers have these coins for sale and offer even great deals for bulk purchases. 

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