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Wonder What Your Coins Are Worth? Here’s How To Find The Value Of Your Coins

Wonder What Your Coins Are Worth? Here’s How To Find The Value Of Your Coins

Are you looking for coin values and aren't sure where to turn? Finding out what your coins are worth can be harder than you might have thought, especially if you have a coin that you just can't find anywhere and believe may be quite valuable.

Many folks who find wheat pennies, silver coins, and other coinage in circulation, receive coin heirlooms, or are gifted coins have little clue as to what they've got. Understandably, they have no idea what these coins are worth and start searching the internet looking for answers. Normally, they find sites such as and will learn the values of their coins within only a couple minutes and a just a few clicks of the mouse.

But what happens if you have a penny with a letter on it that doesn't appear to be a regular mintmark? Or you have a coin with holes? Or your coin looks larger or smaller than usual? What do you do if you can't seem to find the coin you have at all? Don't worry! You're not at a complete loss in finding out that coin's value.

In many cases, people who can't seem to find their coins online actually have a normal coin with some type of post-Mint damage or alteration that makes it looks just a little bit different than any other coin they've ever seen. Sometimes, coins that don't match the information a person is finding online will turn out to be an error coin that is worth many times its face value.

But how do you know whether you have a worthless damaged coin or a valuable error coin? What if you have a regular coin such as a Lincoln wheat cent, silver dime or quarter, or a half dollar or silver dollar and you want to see what it's really worth? Here at CoinValues, we have an ever-growing list of coin prices for a variety of copper, nickel, silver, and gold coins. Also don't forget to use our handy calculators: just enter the number of gold or silver coins you own and they immediately show you the current melt value based on up-to-the-minute spot prices. Just remember, collectible numismatics are usually worth much more than just the melt value!

If for some reason you don't happen to find exactly what you're looking for in our coin values guide, you can post your question in our Forum and one of our coin experts will gladly help you. Please be sure to also upload clear photos of the obverse ("head's" side), reverse ("tail's" side), and edge along with your question, or else we may not be able to determine what type of coin you have and won't necessarily be able to help you find out what your coin is worth.

We at CoinValues appreciate your readership and look forward to helping you find out more about what your coins and what they are worth!

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