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Why Precious Metals?

Why Precious Metals?

Hi y'all Streber here.

Let's get straight to: Why PMs (precious metals) and why you're here. Well, you feel something ain't right. More people do these days.

I've been traveling around the sun since the Battle of Stalingrad. With a funky childhood of forced religion and crazy parents I came to the conclusion that it would be best to rely on myself.

In battle or business, whatever the game
In law or in love, it is ever the same
In the struggle for power, the scramble for wealth
Let this be your motto, rely on yourself

What I would like to share with you today are books that I have found to be the most useful in understanding wassup.

  1. The Lessons of History (1968) by Will & Ariel Durant...100 pages. Read it and skip years of university history drivel. Find this nugget: "Known history shows little alteration in the conduct of mankind."
  2. Economics in One Lesson (1946) by Henry Hazlitt...190 pages. Buy for a few dollars in paperback and skip years of university economics drivel.
  3. Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds (1841) by Charles MacKay. Lots of good detail here on; The Mississippi Scheme, The South Sea Bubble, The Tulipmania The Crusades, The Witch Mania and much more relating humanity's neverending flights into madness. In recent times who isn't familiar with the NASDAQ Bubble and the Housing Bubble?

During the Vietnam war (from which I had just been released) I was simply looking for a hobby. I thought about collecting and quickly jettisoned the myriad areas of crap; Hummels (?), Baseball Cards (?). Seemed obvious best thing to collect is something of value through the millennia...coins. Especially those containing PMs (gold or silver).

Gold & silver coins have been used as money by nearly every civilization in history. PM coins are a safeguard for you, your family and your savings. Precious metals cannot be printed out of thin air like the paper money in our pockets. The vast majority of coins listed on this site contain an intrinsic worth in their metal content that can never be debased by any central bank or political stooge.

PM coins subdivide into 3 areas: Bullion, Numismatic (not rare) & Numismatic (rare).

I'll talk more about this in the future.

Thanks for visiting.

Streber out

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