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  3. Saturday, 09 November 2019
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My fiancée and I found this among some of my grandfather's coins.. the packet was labeled one over 4. There are several interesting finds, I just wanted to post about this one for now. Is it worth looking into?

IMG_20191109_151308.jpg IMG_20191109_151838.jpg
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Hi Veni -
It's an interesting looking coin, but I'm fairly sure you won't find this in any coin error book or website, unfortunately it's what's known as a grease filled die or weak strike, it only appears like there is a "1" over the "4" because the < part or the 4 was filled with to much grease at the mint, Still a very cool looking coin.

This minting error is worth a few US dollars. The coin in the picture might sell to an enthusiastic collector for $3 to $8 US dollars. A dealer would pay, perhaps, 50 cents or one dollar for the coin.

Happy Hunting.
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