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  Monday, 27 June 2022
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Hi, Everyone:

Is this a 1944 steel coin? It is definitely not a copper color. The color resembles the color of a "Quarter" .
1 year ago
It is impossible to tell by a photo if it is a steel penny or not. One thing you can try is seeing if it sticks to a magnet. Copper/zinc pennies are not magnetic, but steel pennies are.

That said, there are only a couple dozen 1944 steel pennies in existence. It would be highly unlikely to casually come across one.
1 year ago
I tried to stick it to several magnets. It will stick to a stronger magnet but not all magnets. is there other easy way to know whether it is real or fake?
1 year ago
There is no easy way to tell if a 1944 penny is steel or a fake steel. Only a handful exist, and only a trained, licensed numismatic expert would be able to tell for sure. They are so rare that they are worth tens of thousands of dollars.
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