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  3. Monday, 09 September 2019
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I have a 1951 wheat penny that is pushed out on the front side instead of concaving in, it is pushed out. This caused the L in liberty to not register because it would have been where the lip is pushing outward. On the reverse you can clearly tell that it was completely flat and never had any concave features at any point. This caused the wheat stamp to show unevenly and at some spots barely register at all. It’s nothing I’ve ever seen before and I’m curious how I go about getting it priced, how to sell it, where to list it, etc. any info is helpful, thank you.[attachment]BED8A4C4-0271-4F54-A357-5345F2AE2E4A.jpeg[/attachment][attachment]C2C1C9BA-307E-4FC7-8184-C8E98A88D9D7.jpeg[/attachment]
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I guess I’ll have to try to upload the photos on a different device because it’s saying there’s an error with the format.
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Well if you really think you have something different you should send it to a third party grader service like Antacs, NGC or PCGS..they'll be able to give you more info, beware not all news is good.
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