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  3. Friday, 02 August 2019
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I have a range of years of wheat pennies, I have been collecting them for awhile only because it was a thing my grandma and I did together. Every since her passing I still have been collecting. I just want to know what my wheat pennies are worth.
My year ranges are from 1916-1958! I will send photos if I need to. Between the different years what is the ones I want to look for the most??
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Have a look at our Lincoln Wheat Penny info pages.

Also of interest would be the 25 most valueable pennies.
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The Ancient Chinese had a saying, " You could spend your entire life looking for the perfect cherry blossom, and it would not be a wasted life".

In other words if you're into wheat cents for the money, well it's possible you may have something worth a buck or two, Personally, I'm like you I got started with my Dad, we'll just say he was in Law Enforcement, so besides the fact he walked out of the house everyday with a Badge on his chest and a revolver strapped to his hip, with mom and I never knowing if he would come back at night, as you could imagine any time with my Dad was cool time..Hence Lincoln cents..I cherish those memories and how much fun we had together back then, to me... that's all the real value I need.
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