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  Wednesday, 24 August 2022
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1 year ago
What is it exactly that you are suspecting could be an error? Could you elaborate a bit, please?
1 year ago
I think it would be a double die of the letters n numbers in the attached photos. Or pressed a second time over the numbers n words that have the line going thru most of their edges.
1 year ago
The coin could indeed have an error, however a picture of another picture on a cell phone can put things out of perspective so you would have to examine the coin in person.

That said, even with an error, it is unlikely to alter the intrinsic value of this type of coin. We are not aware of any errors in most modern coinage that have warranted a significant increase in collector value.

The only way to be sure is to have a licensed coin expert inspect the piece. Or, you could just tuck it away for a few years (or decades) and see if anything changes on the value front. It's not worth much as-is so it would be no big loss keeping it safe in a personal coin collection.
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