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  3. Tuesday, 16 April 2019
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Please has anyone heard or seen this type of error? 1942 with doubling of Lincoln head? But it's stuck onto another penny?or was it minted this way? Looks like someone tried separating without success. Is it worth getting it looked at?? Please help, thank you
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Tracy Green Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
Please anyone heard of this
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Daniel Lopez Romero Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
I had a nickel Buffalo 2005 with somesignatures and dates but bearly on sighted sorry to no send my coin pictures my phone was discharge but i will send it
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Nathan G Mays Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
And I have one that's 53 d, doubled in a way. But it's called "machine doubling" so its different. The difference between 300k and 1 penny. That coin likely won't get you anything but a bunch of jerks saying elitist stuff to you but any coin with an s on it is valuable I hope that helps a little bit
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CopperPicker Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
Hi Tracy

Looks to me like someone has tried to make a two headed penny, maybe for a magic trick or something, I personally haven't seen or heard of any mint error like that, but hey I don't know it all. good luck hope this helps.

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