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  Thursday, 15 April 2021
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Thoughts on an "uncirculated" Denver Mint penny. Found this in my father's old coin collection, and have a relative that insists that it is valuable because of the "D" on the face side under the date of 1964. I have no clue where to start... help!

PS. The penny is inside a sealed plastic sleeve, so the photo isn't great. The photo gives the impression that the penny is scratched, but it's the plastic that is scratched and not the penny itself.
3 years ago
The "D" is a mintmark that merely means that it was minted at the Denver mint. Your penny is a Lincoln Memorial penny and bears no special collector value beyond the apparent fact that it is uncirculated, which means that it is in good shape. That might net you a few extra cents but there is nothing "special" about your piece beyond the fact that it is in good condition.
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