Gold: $2029.32  |  Silver: $23.80

1911 Indian Head $2.50 Quarter Eagle

1911 Indian Head $2.50 Quarter Eagle
1911 Indian Head $2.50 Quarter Eagle Value

Coin Info

Melt Value
United States
Gold Coin
Metal Content
0.12095 t oz
Face Value
$2.50 USD

1911 Indian Head quarter eagles include the first mintmarked issue of the series, heralding the first $2.50 gold coins made by the Denver mint, which had only begun striking coinage in 1906. Philadelphia-minted quarter eagles from 1911 are generally about as common as pieces from most other years, but the Denver issue, which was already struck in small numbers, faced melting like many of the other pre-1934 gold coins and is quite scarce in all grades today.

The mintage figures and values below will tell you more about just how scarce the 1911-D quarter eagle is:

  • 1911, 704,000 minted; $406

  • 1911-D, 55,680; $2,600 (value is for coins with a strong mintmark; those with a weaker D mintmark are worth less)

  • 1911 proof, 191; $5,000

*Values are for coins in a grade of Very Fine 20, unless otherwise noted.

Bear in mind, relatively few Indian Head quarter eagles were saved in the upper grades in the first place, as the numismatists were relatively unenthusiastic about the design, and the public feared germs would collect inside the incuse design of the coin. Today, Indian Head quarter eagles are revered by coin collectors, and the concerns over the hygiene of the coin were unfounded. All Indian Head quarters in mint state grades are quite scarce, so be sure to only buy them from a trusted coin dealer, and consider buying all pieces in reputable third-party certified holders.

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