1928 Indian Head $2.50 Quarter Eagle

1928 Indian Head $2.50 Quarter Eagle
1928 Indian Head $2.50 Quarter Eagle Value

Coin Info

Melt Value
United States
Gold Coin
Metal Content
0.12095 t oz
Face Value
$2.50 USD

1928 Indian Head quarter eagles are common in the scope of the series, though are really quite scarce when compared to many other 20th-century gold coins. The Indian Head $2.50 coin, designed by Bela Lyon Pratt, is one of just two U.S. coins to feature an incuse design – meaning the design is stamped into the coin, rather than standing proud of its surface like on most coins. The only other incuse U.S. coin is another Pratt design – the Indian Head half eagle.

While many numismatists today may find the incuse gold coins fairly unique, the coins really didn’t impress many individuals back when the Indian Head quarter eagles were in production. The public largely despised the coins as it was believed the incuse designs would harbor bacteria. Collectors, on the other hand, were less worried about the coin’s hygiene but, rather, more put off by what they deemed to be an uninspired design.

Attitudes about Indian Heads quarter eagles are vastly different today. 1928 Indian Head quarter eagles, which were struck to the tune of 416,000 pieces, are worth about $280 in the grade of Very Fine 30. Chocie uncirculated pieces are considered scarce and can cost upwards of $1,000, so be sure to buy those pristine pieces in third-party certified slabs.

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