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Where to Buy Silver Dollars

Where to Buy Silver Dollars

Do you need to know where to buy silver dollars but aren’t sure where to turn? Silver dollars are perennially a favorite coin for both numismatists and silver investors and, for this reason, these coins are virtually always in demand. The one issue that many people face when they want to buy silver dollars is knowing exactly what sources to use. Surely, there are plenty of silver dollars that are advertised in magazines and on TV. But did you know that many of the silver dollars you see advertised in glitzy commercials, magazines, and newspapers are usually overpriced – by a significant margin.

You want silver dollars at the lowest prices possible, especially if you’re buying silver coinage for the sake of investing. If investing in silver bullion is your main aim, you will want to seek the services of a bullion broker or professional coin dealer, where you can buy silver dollars at lower prices than the distributors who take out high-priced ads to sell high-priced coins. There are plenty of reputable coin dealers and bullion distributors to choose from, so you should have no trouble finding a few who are located in or near your city. These days, most coin dealers and bullion companies also sell their offerings online.

Bullion brokerage firms are where many people buy silver dollars to include within their investment portfolios. Brokers usually are able to minimize the premiums over spot metal prices, and you might be able to buy silver dollars for less than $5 to $8 over spot. However, silver dollars that are sold for bullion investing normally aren’t the best quality nor are they necessarily rare. But these coins are ideal for bullion investing, so if that’s your purpose in buying silver dollars, by all means choose that route.

If you’re a numismatist and you want to buy silver dollars that are either rare or preserved in the higher grades, you’ll want to seek a coin dealer. In general, coin dealers focus on selling collectible-quality silver dollars, such as rare dates, key-date coins, higher-grade circulated dollars, and mint-state silver dollars. Having said that, some coin dealers do sell low-grade junk silver dollars, and buying silver coins like these from a coin dealer may be no more expensive than doing so from a bullion broker. So before you start buying silver dollars, be sure to shop around first and gather some price quotes.

What’s one of the best ways to ensure you’re buying silver dollars where they are at their lowest prices? Check out the CoinValues bullion ticker and refer to our constantly updated eBay Morgan dollar sales data. These are two perfect places to get the latest info on silver dollar prices, and they can help give you an advantage on knowing where you can buy cheap silver dollars as you get price quotes from various coin dealers and bullion brokers.