Gold: $1848.68  |  Silver: $22.20

1939 Mercury Dime

1939 Mercury Dime
1939 Mercury Dime Value

Coin Info

Melt Value
United States
Silver Coin
Metal Content
0.07234 t oz
Face Value
$0.10 USD

More than 100 million Mercury dimes were made in 1939 – a high number of coins that was a direct response to the waning economic effects of the Great Depression and, subsequently, a growing need for new coinage in the United States. 1939 Mercury dimes are quite common, and there are few highlights to mention from that year, in terms of the Mercury dime, other than the fact that the large number of 1939-dated dimes means there are plenty in all grades for coin collectors to enjoy today.

Here’s a breakdown of the mintages and values for 1939 Mercury dimes:

  • 1939, 67,740,000 minted; $4

  • 1939 proof, 9,321; $500

  • 1939-D, 24,394,000; $4

  • 1939-S, 10,540,000; $5

*Values are for coins in a grade of Extremely Fine-40, unless otherwise noted.

While many Mercury dime enthusiasts will buy examples of 1939 Mercury dimes in circulated grades to save money for the scarcer issues, a great number of numismatists will try to acquire these latter-date Mercury dimes in uncirculated grades. For those who pursue upper-end Mercury dimes, it’s safe to say that financial issues rarely will get in the way. Uncirculated examples can be had for under $20 each, and MS-65 specimens generally range from about $25 to $40 each. Proof 1939 Mercury dimes come in an array of conditions, from cloudy and toned to brilliant with cameo surfaces. Opt for the latter if you want to add to your collection a truly gorgeous coin with upward investment potential.

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