Gold: $2352.43  |  Silver: $31.69

1926 Peace Dollar

1926 Peace Dollar Value
1926 Peace Dollar

Coin Info

Melt Value
United States
Silver Coin
Metal Content
0.77344 t oz
Face Value
$1 USD

Often considered the last of the “common” dates for Peace dollars, 1926 saw a decent – but not tremendous – supply of silver dollar coins. In 1926, Philadelphia struck 1,939,000 silver dollars, Denver produced 2,348,700, and San Francisco minted 6,980,000 dollar coins. In general, 1926 dollars are relatively common in circulated grades, with values only a nominal amount higher than silver content price.

Even in Mint State-60 grades, 1926 silver dollars are quite reasonable in price, at around $50 for the 1926 and 1926-S issues, and $75 for the 1926-D – not too expensive for a coin that had an original mintage of around 2.3 million (and, of course, not all of these survive today). Whenever shopping for Peace dollars if any vintage, be sure that you avoid cleaned pieces or those that are otherwise damaged, as many silver dollars from the 1920s have been cleaned or “whizzed” to make them appear as though they are uncirculated.

1926 Peace dollars in original condition are worth significantly more than those that have been damaged and are always worth the extra effort in locating when it comes time to buy. You could also go the slabbed route and buy third-party graded and authenticated Peace dollars, which are always a safe bet, especially with high-end specimens for dates like the 1926, which are significantly scarce in the upper Mint State grades.

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