Gold: $1870.88  |  Silver: $23.24

1911 Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle

1911 Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle
1911 Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle Values

Coin Info

Melt Value
United States
Gold Coin
Metal Content
0.96750 t oz
Face Value
$20 USD

1911 Saint-Gaudens double eagle coins are widely collected by investors and numismatists alike and are one of the most popular gold coins on the market. Named for their designer, August Saint-Gaudens, these double eagles have a $20 face value, which means they were worth the equivalent of hundreds of dollars back when they were originally produced. Double eagles were more commonly used for purposes of international trade than daily transactions, though they did circulate well in the West where gold coins were popular.

1911 double eagles were struck in sizable quantities, including:

  • 1911 – 197,250, $2,058

  • 1911-D – 846,500, $2,058

  • 1911-S – 775,750, $2,058

  • 1911 Proof – 100, $30,000

*Values are for coins in Extremely Fine-40 grade, unless otherwise noted.

Below are specifics about the Saint-Gaudens double eagle:

  • Face Value: $20

  • Overall Mass: 33.436 grams

  • Diameter: 34 millimeters

  • Edge: Lettered, “E PLURIBUS UNUM”

  • Composition: 90% gold, 10% copper

  • Gold: .96750 troy ounces

The Saint-Gaudens double eagle coin was originally commissioned by President Theodore Roosevelt. Today, the Saint-Gaudens double eagle is generally considered the most beautiful United States coin.

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