1931 Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle

1931 Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle
1931 Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle Value

Coin Info

Melt Value
United States
Gold Coin
Metal Content
0.96750 t oz
Face Value
$20 USD

1931 Saint-Gaudens double eagles were originally minted in quantities similar to many of the earlier issues. However, following the end of the gold standard in 1933, most double eagles from the late 1920s and early 1930s were melted. That means some of the coins from that period, though originally common, are now considered rare. This scenario also includes issues from 1931, which are now exceedingly rare, as can be indicated by the steep prices below:

  • 1931 – 2,938,250 minted, $34,000

  • 1931-D – 106,500, $34,000

*Values are for coins in Mint State-60 grade, unless otherwise noted.

It should be noted that many 1931 double eagles, given the relatively short period of time that they circulated, are usually found in the grades of About Uncirculated and Uncirculated.

Below are specifics about the Saint-Gaudens double eagle:

  • Face Value: $20

  • Overall Mass: 33.436 grams

  • Diameter: 34 millimeters

  • Edge: Lettered, “E PLURIBUS UNUM”

  • Composition: 90% gold, 10% copper

  • Gold: .96750 troy ounces

Double eagles were mainly used for international trade, though they did see some circulation in the West, where gold coins were favored over paper money. While the Saint-Gaudens double eagle did not see much widespread circulation, it nevertheless was embraced by the public and has since become known as the most beautiful gold coin that the United States has ever made.

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