Gold: $2411.12  |  Silver: $30.80

Standing Liberty Quarters

Standing Liberty quarters were minted from 1916 through 1930, and coin values range from easily affordable to decidedly expensive. In the case of the lower-priced Standing Liberty quarter issues, values range from under $10 for well-worn specimen of most of the later 1920s issues. On the other hand, the 1916 Standing Liberty quarter – arguably one of the rarest regular-issue rarities among all 20th century U.S. coins – starts at a price of around $3,000 for a lowly Good-4 specimen.

Between the two extremes in coin values for the various issues within the popular Standing Liberty quarter series are semi-key and high-end, common-date uncirculated specimens, which range in price from around $100 to $1,000 or more. As most people who collect and invest in Standing Liberty quarter soon find upon entering the arena of this series is that coin values for higher-grade specimens are largely dependent on the amount of detail seen on Ms. Liberty’s head. For example, the most expensive high-grade issue in the series is the 1927-S quarter, which exceeds $150,000 for a full-head, MS-65 example.

High coin values for some Standing Liberty quarters shouldn’t scare numismatists and investors away though. As mentioned earlier, many specimens of this coin series, which was designed by Hermon A. MacNeil, are quite inexpensive. So the series is truly ideal for individuals on virtually any budget and offers plenty of collecting and investing opportunities for just about everyone to enjoy, as the date-by-date Standing Liberty quarter price listings here at Coin Values reveal.