Gold: $2411.12  |  Silver: $30.80

Walking Liberty Half Dollars

Coin values for Walking Liberty half dollars are affordable for coin collectors and investors on just about any budget, with low-end Walking Liberty halves selling for only slight premiums over their intrinsic silver values. On the higher end of the scale are Walking Liberty half dollars in higher grades that can costs hundreds – even thousands – of dollars. The most expensive Walking Liberty half dollars are scarce dates that grade above Extremely Fine. Pieces like that are routinely priced in the hundreds of dollars.

The Walking Liberty half dollar is generally a common coin, but the series does have several key- and semi-key issues. These include all 1916-dated half dollars, all 1921 issues, and the 1938-D half dollar. Coin values for well-circulated examples of these pieces range from around $50 to more than $300, as compared to more common Walking Liberty half dollars, which are generally under $15 in lower circulated grades. For the sake of categorizing their coin values, Walking halves can be largely divided into two groups – those made from 1916 through 1933 and halves struck from 1934 through the end of the series in 1947. Coin values for the earlier Walking half dollars in a grade of XF-40 are around $75 and up, whereas similarly graded halves from the latter period go for roughly half that amount. The price difference is a reflection of the overall scarceness of pre-1934 Walking half dollars, especially those in the upper grades.

No matter your budget, the Walking Liberty half dollar is sure to have something for you. With coin values spread all over the board and a beautiful design by Adolph A. Weinman that pleases numismatists in the 21st century, the Walking Liberty half dollar is a superb coin to collect or invest in.