1935 Washington Quarter

1935 Washington Quarter Value
1935 Washington Quarter

Coin Info

Melt Value
United States
Silver Coin
Metal Content
0.18084 t oz
Face Value
$0.25 USD

1935 marked the third year of the Washington quarter series, and saw a substantial increase in production as compared to the total mintage in 1934. Nearly 44 million 1935 Washington quarters were minted that year, though the bulk of those were struck at the Philadelphia mint. Denver and San Francisco quarters, as was the case during the previous two years of the series, were minted in very small quantities.

Here is a glace at the mintages and values of the 1935 Washington quarters:

  • 1935, 35,484,000 minted; $8

  • 1935-D, 5,780,000; $10

  • 1935-S, 5,660,000; $9

*Values are for coins in Very Good-8 grade.

In general, 1935 Washington quarters are considered quite common, especially those that are in the lower to mid-level circulated grades. Matters change for coins that are in uncirculated grade. While a 1935 Philadelphia quarter can be had for under $50 in MS-63, the Denver and San Francisco issues are substantially more expensive in uncirculated grades.

The Denver issue costs about $300 in MS-63, and a San Francisco specimen in that same grades will set coin collectors back by around $150. In any case of buying a Mint State 1935 Washington quarter, be sure that you buy specimens that show flashy luster and good strike, as those pieces are very beautiful in any collection and tend to bring better returns when the time comes to sell them.

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