1938 Washington Quarter

1938 Washington Quarter Value
1938 Washington Quarter

Coin Info

Melt Value
United States
Silver Coin
Metal Content
0.18084 t oz
Face Value
$0.25 USD

In 1938, Washington quarters had decreased production from the previous year yet again, with barely more than 12 million produced across the Philadelphia and San Francisco mints. The Denver mint did not strike any quarters that year, in response to relatively low demand for high-denomination coins.

Here’s a breakdown of the mintages and values for 1938 Washington quarters:

  • 1938, 9,472,000 minted; $20

  • 1938 proof, 8,045; $500

  • 1938-S, 2,832,000; $25

*Values are for coins in Extremely Fine-40 grade, unless otherwise noted.

Both regular-issue 1938 quarters are regarded as semi-key coins by most numismatists and are sought after by those who seek to assemble a complete date-and-mintmark collection of the series. The proof issue is not necessary to complete a regular-issue collection of the coin, though many Washington quarter aficionados will still buy the coin.

Be sure to seek the best 1938 Washington quarters that you can afford. Surely, many come weakly struck, but there are plenty of specimens that exhibit great detail, good color, and overall pleasing eye appeal. If you buy high-quality 1938 Washington quarters, you will be sure to find yourself satisfied with your purchase, and may yield a favorable return on your investment should the time come that you decide to sell your 1938 quarters.

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