1940 Washington Quarter

1940 Washington Quarter Value
1940 Washington Quarter

Coin Info

Melt Value
United States
Silver Coin
Metal Content
0.18084 t oz
Face Value
$0.25 USD

As the 1930s turned into the 1940s, Washington quarters became the prevailing design seen on 25-cent coins in circulation. With more than 45 million Washington quarters made in 1940 alone, the series would see more coins made in a single year than several years combined from any previous 25-cent series. Still, Washington quarters, Standing Liberty quarters, and even Barber quarters peacefully coexisted in pockets and purses of the early 1940s.

Below is a rundown of values and mintages for 1940 Washington quarters:

  • 1940, 35,704,000 minted; $7

  • 1940 proof, 11,246; $350

  • 1940-D, 2,797,600; $25

  • 1940-S, 8,244,000; $12

*Values are for coins in Extremely Fine 40, unless otherwise noted.

With 1940-D Washington quarters serving as a semi-key date and proof quarters from the year, too, collecting quarters from that year can pose somewhat of a challenge to numismatists. Though, many individuals collecting Washington quarters choose not to pursue the proof singles from anytime before the 1960s. This is a matter of preference for some and an issue of cost for many more. If you decide to buy proof 1940 Washington quarters for your collection, be sure to take your time and look for those with flashy surfaces and good color. Uneven toning rules on many proof coins of the era, with cameo devices scarce but by far high in demand.

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