1952 Washington Quarter

1952 Washington Quarter Value
1952 Washington Quarter

Coin Info

Melt Value
United States
Silver Coin
Metal Content
0.18084 t oz
Face Value
$0.25 USD

The decade of the 1950s saw a massive rise in the popularity of coin collecting, and the numismatic boom times saw great interest not only in older coin series, but also those that were considered modern, too. The decade was a time of date-and-mintmark collecting, and that represents the types of set coin collectors were seeking to make out of coin series like Washington quarters. 1952 Washington quarters, which were struck at all three then-operating mints (Philadelphia, Denver, and San Francisco), were plentiful at the time and saved in huge quantities, including uncirculated rolls, which is partly why many pieces from the era are so widely available in mint state grades to this day.

Here’s a look at mintages and values for 1952 Washington quarters:

  • 1952, 38,780,093 minted; $7

  • 1952 proof, 81,980; $55

  • 1952-D, 49,795,200; $7

  • 1952-S, 13,707,800; $8

*Values are for coins in a grade of Extremely Fine-40, unless otherwise noted.

There were no major varieties or errors of note made among Washington quarters in 1952, which means aficionados of the series can focus their efforts on acquiring the regular-strike issues (and the proof version, for those inclined to collecting every issue) in the best grades they can afford.

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