Top 25 Most Expensive Walking Liberty Half Dollars Sold on eBay in March 2015

Top 25 Most Expensive Walking Liberty Half Dollars Sold on eBay in March 2015

Walking Liberty half dollars are considered among the most beautiful silver coins that the United States has ever produced, and they remain a popular coin with collectors and investors alike. Many coin collectors build series sets or short sets of Walking Liberty half dollars and actively buy Walking Liberty half dollars from coin dealers and in auctions such as eBay.

Below is a list of the top 25 most valuable Walking Liberty half dollars sold on eBay in March 2015. Several keydates and semi-key dates are among the top 25 most valuable Walking Liberty half dollars listed below. Also included in the top 25 Walking Liberty half dollars below are a few conditional rarities, or common-date pieces in extraordinarily high grades.

1. 1933-S NGC MS 67, $8,350.00 – The most expensive Walking Liberty half dollar sold on eBay in March 2015 is this supreme-quality 1933 Walking Liberty half dollar from the San Francisco Mint. As all pre-1934 Walking Liberty halves are considerably scarce in grades of Extremely Fine or better, this piece is especially desirable.

2. 1921 PCGS MS 62, $6,500.00 – The 1921 is one of the scarcest Walking Liberty half dollars, with only 246,000 made and fewer surviving today. Uncirculated specimens are particularly difficult to locate, which is why this piece is so valuable.

3. 1921 PCGS AU Details, $2,850.01 – In many cases, “genuine” slabbed coins are pariahs – damaged pieces that most collectors avoid due to their inherent flaws. However, few numismatists will turn their noses up at a cleaned AU 1921 half dollar, scarce in all grades and a great find in any condition.

4. 1916-S PCGS MS 63, $2,650.00 – The 1916-S Walking Liberty half dollars isn’t the rarest in the series, but it does represent the first year of Walking Liberty half dollars and is a tough San Francisco mint issue at that. Toss in its MS 63 grade from the usually conservative PCGS, and this coin looks like a real winner.

5. 1938 NGC MS 67, $1,799.99 – While the 1938 Philadelphia-mint Walking Liberty half dollar is a common coin as far as the issue is concerned, it’s extremely challenging to find in top Mint State grades. This piece would definitely fit in just about any Walking Liberty half dollar registry set.

6. 1921-D PCGS XF Details, $1,682.03 – The lowest-mintage business strike issue in the series, the 1921-D is a keydate. The one unfortunate thing about this coin is that it was tooled, or is a case in which the details were enhanced by alteration outside the mint. The tooling knocks several hundred dollars off the market value of an otherwise desirable piece. However, given the scarceness of this date, even altered pieces like this still have collector demand.

7. 1935-D PCGS MS 65, $1,549.00 – The 1935 Denver-mint Walking Liberty half dollar may be a common date, but any Walker is a truly desirable in gem quality such as this.

8. 1919 uncirculated, $1,495.00 – This “raw,” unslabbed 1919 Philadelphia-mint Walking Liberty half dollar is scarce in Mint State grades. This piece exhibits flashy, white surfaces and could grade anywhere from the MS 62-64 range, or perhaps higher.

9. 1917-S PCGS AU 50, $1,450.00 – This keydate piece, with the mintmark on the obverse, is difficult to locate with only 952,000 pieces made and far fewer in existence today.

T. 10 1917-D Choice BU, $1,395.00 – Tying a 1929-D for the tenth-most expensive Walking Liberty half dollar sold on eBay in March 2015 is this “raw,” unslabbed 1917-D reverse mintmark half dollar. While nearly 2 million were made, this issue is still relatively scarce and very much in demand, especially in uncirculated grades such as this piece.

T. 10 1929-D PCGS MS 64, $1,395.00 – The 1929-D is considered a common date for all intents and purposes, but in MS 64, it – like all other pre-1933 Walking Liberty half dollars – is scarce. Conditional rarities are very much in demand when it comes to Walking Liberty half dollars; bear in mind, sometimes hundreds, or only even dozens, of certain Walking Liberty half dollar issues exist in grades such as this.

Rounding out the last 14 places among this list of the 25 most expensive Walking Liberty half dollars sold on eBay in March 2015 are mostly slabbed semi-key dates along with a few “raw,” or unslabbed specimens. Note that two of the coins below are CAC designated, meaning they represent the most desirable specimens for their grade.

12. 1935-D PCGS MS 65, $1,303.00

13. 1938-D PCGS MS 65, $1,250.99

14. 1917 NGC MS 65, $1,199.99

15. 1943-S PCGS MS 66+ CAC designated, $1,999.00

16. 1917 PCGS MS 65, $1,169.00

17. 1916-D PCGS MS 64, $1,057.50

18. 1927-S “Raw” BU, $999.99

19. 1917-D PCGS MS 62, $980.00

20. 1916-S PCGS AU Details, $963.50

21. 1920-D “Raw” AU/BU, $925.00

22. 1916-D PCGS MS 64, $910.00

23. 1920-S PCGS AU 55 CAC Designated, $900.00

24. 1919-S “Raw” AU, $895.00

25. 1935-S PCGS MS 64, $875.00

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