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4 Great Hacks For Buying American Silver Eagles At Low Prices

4 Great Hacks For Buying American Silver Eagles At Low Prices

Everyone’s looking for tips on buying American Silver Eagles at the lowest possible prices. Yes, I believe the old saying “you get what you pay for” usually applies to buying silver coins and other numismatic material. However, I’ve also learned there are a few legitimate ways you can buy silver eagles at good prices by knowing when and where to buy them, how many to purchase at a time, and also looking for pieces that may be less than stellar.

Here are four proven hacks for buying American Silver Eagles at the best prices:


#1 – Buy Cull American Silver Eagles

If you aren’t concerned about the condition of your bullion coins, you might consider buying cull American Silver Eagles. These off-quality coins may not look very pretty, but they still contain a full ounce of .999-fine silver and are perfect for investors who want to buy silver eagles at the lowest premium over spot. Be sure to check with your local coin dealer or online bullion distributor for their selection of cull, subpar American Silver Eagles.


#2 – Buy American Silver Eagles In Bulk

Almost everything costs less when its bought in bulk, and the same usually applies to American Silver Eagles. Many coin dealers, especially online bullion distributors, offer significant discounts for those who buy more than 10 or so American Silver Eagles per order.  


#3 – Try Buying American Silver Eagle Coins From Online Auctions

Online auction sites like eBay are a great place for finding good prices on American Silver Eagles. While a good deal is never guaranteed (and you’ll find a lot of people offering their coins at way over their fair market value on eBay), there are plenty of bargains to be found. Look for “No Reserve” and “Best Offer” auctions, which provide the best opportunities for snagging a good deal on American Silver Eagles and other coins.


#4 – Don’t Forget, Shipping Discounts Can Save You Money On Silver Eagle Orders

While you may not think saving money on shipping and handling is a big deal, it’s certainly helpful if you’re running on thin margins and want to maximize your potential profit from buying American Silver Eagles. Look for coin dealers who offer free or reduced shipping discounts on your order (just make sure you aren’t absorbing the cost into the price of the American Silver Eagles). Before you buy any silver eagle coins, join a coin dealer’s mailing list and look for free or reduced shipping offers or even coupons. Just be sure they apply to orders involving American Silver Eagles!

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