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Top 25 eBay Sales for Walking Liberty Half Dollars December 2014

Top 25 eBay Sales for Walking Liberty Half Dollars December 2014

Walking Liberty half dollars are very popular with avid coin collectors, investors with only a casual interest in numismatics, and many other types of coin buyers as well. The Walking Liberty half dollar was designed by Adolph A. Weinman and was struck during the years 1916 through 1947. Often considered one of the most beautiful silver U.S. coins ever made.

The prices that follow below are the Top 25 for sales of individual Walking Liberty half dollars in December 2014:

  1. 1943 NGC MS 68, $6,195.00 – The most expensive Walking Liberty half dollar to sell on eBay in December 2014, this stunning 1943 half dollar sold for more than $6,100. Even common dates like the 1943 half dollar are extraordinarily rare in a super grade like MS 68, and rightfully command huge premiums.
  2. 1923-S PCGS MS 62, $3,500.00 – Any pre-1934 Walking Liberty half dollars are rare in uncirculated grades, and at MS 62 this one is a decent mint state specimen for any Walking half buff to own.
  3. 1942 NGC Proof 68, $2,995.00 – Does it really get any better than a proof 68 specimen of the Walking Liberty half dollar? This outstanding specimen is one that stuns with its amazing eye appeal and incredible surfaces.
  4. 1921-D XF/AU, $2,500.00 – This raw 1921-D Walking Liberty half dollar is a great pickup for any Walking Liberty half dollar collector who is trying to assemble a high-end circulated series set. Remember, solid circulated key coins like the 1921-D half dollar are fantastic acquisitions.
  5. 1921 PCGS XF 40, $1,800.00 – The 1921 Walking Liberty half dollar is another pricey key date, and one that has many coin collectors paying out huge sums even for circulated specimens. Of course, key coins are great buys even in circulated grades, and this XF 40 specimen is a great example of the issue.
  6. 1918 PCGS MS 64, $1,709.99 – As pre-1934 Walking Liberty half dollars go, the 1918 is difficult to locate in uncirculated grades, though not as much so as some of the better-dates, including any of the mintmarked issues from the 1910s or 1920s. This 1918 Walking Liberty half dollar is sure to turn a few heads in a choice grade such as MS 64.
  7. 1941-S PCGS MS 66, $1,675.00 – The 1941-S Walking Liberty half dollar is extremely common in circulated condition, but in uncirculated grades it’s a hard coin to find and an expensive piece to buy. This 1941-S Walking Liberty half dollar is a stunning white beauty with incredible luster.
  8. 1918-D NGC MS 61, $1,595.00 – It’s a rule that pre-1934 mintmarked Walking Liberty half dollars are rare in uncirculated grades. This 1918-D Walking Liberty half dollar is a tough coin in MS 61 and seems to be a good buy at a price of under $1,600.
  9. 1921 XF/AU, $1,500.00 – Again, circulated key dates are big business for series collectors, and the 1921 half dollar is a rare coin indeed. Though sold “raw” (as opposed to certified by a reputable third-party coin grading firm), it still managed to draw a strong final bid of $1,500.
  10. 1938-D NGC MS 66, $1,495.00 – The 1938-D is a semi-key date in any condition, and in the appealing grade of MS 66, it sold for a healthy bid of $1,495. Not a bad deal for a scarce coin from a popular series, as the Walking Liberty half dollar undoubtedly is.

Walking Liberty half dollars ranking in the eleventh through twenty fifth most expensive prices for eBay in December 2014 include a range of mainly high-grading semi-key and better dates. A few “common” dates also came in within the rest of this Top 25 list.

11. 1921-S ICG VF 30, $1,427.55

12. 1933-S PCGS MS 64, $1,395.00

13. 1928-S PCGS AU 58, $1,390.00

14. 1919 PCGS AU 55, $1,375.00

15. 1918 PCGS MS 62, $1,375.00

16. 1929-S PCGS MS 64, $1,355.00 

17. 1934-D PCGS CAC MS 65, $1,313.00

18. 1938-D PCGS MS 65, $1,300.00 

19. 1941-S PCGS MS 66, $1,280.00

20. 1941-S PCGS MS 66, $1,251.00

21. 1919-D PCGS XF 45, $1,200.00

22. 1917 NGC MS 65, $1,099.00

23. 1916 PCGS MS 64+, $1,048.00

24. 1916-S AU/BU (raw), $995.00

25. 1916-S PCGS AU 53, $955.00

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