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Top 25 Most Expensive Walking Liberty Half Dollars on eBay – January 2015 Sales

Top 25 Most Expensive Walking Liberty Half Dollars on eBay – January 2015 Sales

The top 25 most expensive Walking Liberty half dollars sold on eBay in January 2015 include a seemingly random grab bag of issues. There is no predominate subset of coins this month, with circulated semi-key and key date coins, high-end proof, and MS 66+ Walking Liberty half dollars all appearing on this go-around of most expensive Walking Liberty halves purchased on eBay.

Notably, none of the rare 1921 Walking Liberty half dollars appear any higher than seventh place on this list, which is dominated by very choice specimens of otherwise common pieces. Keep on the lookout, too, for the stunning Proof 68 example of the 1942 Walking Liberty half dollar!

  1. 1916-S PCGS MS 65, $5,853.75 – With a mintage of just 508,000, the 1916-S Walking Liberty half dollar is truly a scarce coin and among the lowest-mintage issues in the series. This MS 65 piece makes a great acquisition for anybody who is interested in the Walking Liberty half dollar as well as investors looking for a great blue chip coin.
  2. 1936-D PCGS MS 67, $4,400.00 – The 1936-D is a common date, but conditionally this specimen is quite rare. As it goes, any Walking Liberty half dollars grading better than MS 64 are particularly desirable.
  3. 1935-D PCGS MS 66, $3,975.00 – The 1935-D Walking Liberty half dollar, like the 1936 Denver issue listed above, is a common issue but rare in grades better than MS 64. This piece is surely a winner as far as eye appeal and investment potential are concerned.
  4. 1919 PCGS MS 63, $3,250.00 – All pre-1934 Walking Liberty half dollars grading better than Extremely Fine 40 are considerably scarce, which makes this 1919 Walking Liberty half dollar especially desirable.
  5. 1942 NGC Proof 68, $2,245.00 – Can you really imagine a proof Walking Liberty half dollar grading any higher than proof 68? This piece is among the cream of the crop, and its extraordinary surfaces and stunning detail make this piece a true treasure for whoever bought it.
  6. 1947 PCGS MS 67, $2,195.00 – Bear in mind, issues that may be generally common are often rare in certain high grades. That’s exactly the case with this Walking Liberty half dollar, which at MS 67 is a truly gem representative of the issue.
  7. 1921-D PCGS VF 30, $1,975.00 – The 1921-D Walking Liberty half dollar is the lowest-mintage regular issue in the series, with just 208,000 pieces minted (a fraction thereof survive to this day). The fact that a VF 30 specimen is the highest-grading 1921-D half dollar on this list helps illustrate this piece is in even the upper circulated grades.
  8. 1939-S PCGS MS 67, $1,475.00 – This blast white 1939-S Walking Liberty half dollar is a gorgeous coin to behold and makes a great buy for anybody who collects the series. Truly, few coins reach the magnitude of eye appeal this precious coin offers.
  9. 1933-S PCGS MS 63, $1,200.00 – The 1933-S Walking Liberty half dollar is a better date coin in any grade, and in MS 63, it ranks among the best available example of this issue.
  10. 1920-D NGC AU 53, $1,175.00 – Rounding out this top 10 list is the 1920-D Walking Liberty half dollar in the considerably nice grade of AU 53. While even better examples of this issue exist, they’re extremely difficult to come by, which makes this coin a considerably nice example to own.

The most expensive Walking Liberty half dollars that follow round out the last 15 positions of this list of top 25 most expensive Walking Liberty half dollars sold on eBay in January 2015. Take note of the variety of coins below. Everything from circulated key dates to high-end proof and uncirculated specimens will be found among the last portion of coins on this list. While most of the coins below are certified specimens, several pieces were sold raw.

11. 1916-S NGC AU 58, $1,175.00

12. 1918-D PCGS AU 55, $1,150.00

13. 1916-S AU/BU $1,165.00

14. 1941 NGC Proof 67, “No AW,” $1,086.90

15. 1919-S AU+, $1,084.98

16. 1920 NGC MS 64, $1,075.00

T.17. 1921-D VF/XF, $1,050.00

T.17. 1941 NGC Proof 67 CAC, $1,050.00

19. 1942-S PCGS MS 66, $1,049.00

T. 20.1919-S NGC XF 45, $1,000.00

T. 20. 1917-D ungraded, $1,000.00

22. 1941-S ungraded, $980.55

23. 1916 NGC MS 64, $975.00

24. 1938-D NGC MS 64 CAC, $959.00

25. 1938 NGC Proof 66 CAC, $925.00

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