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Top 25 eBay Sales of Walking Liberty Half Dollars, February 2015

Top 25 eBay Sales of Walking Liberty Half Dollars, February 2015

The top 25 most expensive Walking Liberty half dollars sold on eBay in February 2015 include several of the coveted key dates and a few high-grading “common” issues. Walking Liberty half dollars are considered among the most beautiful silver coins the United States has ever produced. Designed by Adolph A. Weinman, Walking Liberty halves were minted from 1916 through 1947, and their design was so popular that the obverse depiction of Miss Liberty was revived on the American Silver Eagle in 1986.

1. 1919-D PCGS 62, $5,512.50 – It’s no surprise that a 1919-D half dollar tops the list of the most expensive Walking Liberty half dollars sold in February 2015 on eBay. It’s a rare piece in any grade above XF 40, and especially challenging in MS 62, as in this case.

2. 1921-D PCGS AU 55, $5,500.00 – All 1921 Walking Liberty half dollars are considered key date coins, as each of the three various issues from that year (Philadelphia, Denver, and San Francisco). However, the 1921-D is the lowest mintage, regular-issue coin in the Walking Liberty half dollar series, with just 208,000 pieces minted. Bear in mind, far fewer specimens exist today due to attrition and few survive in a grade as high as AU 55.

3. 1921-S PCGS XF 40, $3,500.00 – This key date has great eye appeal and terrific, even surfaces. Like its 1921-D sibling in the #2 spot above, the 1921-S is a key date for the series and especially rare in high circulated grades like this.  

4. 1917 PCGS MS 66, $2,879.00 – To say this outstanding coin has terrific eye appeal is an understatement. This beautiful coin has blast white surfaces, a crisp strike, and overall is an exceptional coin. The 1917 Walking Liberty half dollar is quite rare in this high grade.

5. 1939 NGC Proof 68, $2,436.00 – Few Walking Liberty half dollars approach the stunning nature of this beauty. Earlier examples of the modern proofs scarcely approach the esoteric “68” numeric grade, and this piece is assuredly a registry set winner for its new owner.

6. 1947 PCGS MS 67, $2,195.00 – Representing the last year of the series, this 1947 Walking Liberty half dollar offers terrific surfaces and excellent eye appeal. Few Walking Liberty half dollars of any date, even otherwise common issues like this one, can achieve an MS 67 from the conservative Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS).

7. 1938 NGC MS 67, $2,095.00 – This 1938 Walking Liberty half dollar offers gorgeous white surfaces and crisp strike, making it a decidedly beautiful coin. Again, it should be mentioned that, like the 1947 half dollar above, few Walking Liberty halves can pull in an MS 67 grade.

8. 1927-S PCGS AU 58, $1,995.00 – The 1927-S Walking Liberty half dollar is rare in a grade of About Uncirculated. All Walking Liberty halves from before 1934 are scarce above Extremely Fine 40, and this is certainly the case with all pre-1934 mintmarked issues.

9. 1920-D PCGS AU 58, $1,907.00 – The 1920-D Walking Liberty half dollar is rare for in this grade of AU 58. Grading only a skosh below full Mint State 60, this 1920-D Walking Liberty half dollar offers great eye appeal and would make a fantastic addition for any coin collector that wants a gorgeous example of an early branch mint Walking Liberty half.

T.10 1921-S PCGS VF 35, $1,700.00 – This certified, CAC-designated 1921-S Walking Liberty half dollar shares the 10th place spot with a raw 1921 Philadelphia issue. As all 1921 Walking Liberty half dollars are scarce, the twin #10s on this list would make supreme acquisitions for any Walking Liberty aficionado.

T.10 1921,$1,700.00 – This raw, ungraded 1921 Walking Liberty half dollar tied in price with the Very Fine 35 1921-S specimen listed above. This piece offers nice surfaces and hints of mint luster, but it likely didn’t garner a higher price as it wasn’t certified and graded, like the other #10 spot occupant.

The next 15 Walking Liberty half dollars include a decent array of dates, including a few premium-level mint state coins and another set of tied-for-price issues. Surprising in this slab-centric world is the fact that four coins (all of which cost upward of $1,000) each were sold raw. It takes a gutsy buyer to pursue an unslabbed coin that costs more than $100, let alone north of $1,000, in an online auction. As always, friends, be sure you’re confident about the authenticity of the coins you buy anywhere, especially in online auctions!

12. 1918 PCGS MS 64, $1,650.00

13. 1935-D PCGS MS 65, $1,599.00

14. 1939-S PCGS MS 67 CAC, $1,575.00

T.15. 1920-S PCGS MS 61, $1,550.00

T.15 1921-S NGC VF 30, $1,550.00

17. 1918-D NGC MS 61 CAC, $1,546.30

18. 1916-S AU/Unc $1,500.00

19. 1916-S PCGS AU 58 CAC, $1,450.00

20. 1941-S PCGS MS 66, $1,399.95

21. 1920-S AU, $1,295.00

22. 1917-D Uncirculated, $1,295.00

23. 1920 PCGS MS 64, $1,275.00

24. 1921-S Choice XF, $1,250.00

25. 1946-D NGC MS 67 NGC, $1,140.00

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