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  Wednesday, 10 January 2018
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Whatcha think of the reverse on this cent? The picture with 2 has a side by side of a normal cent.
6 years ago
Please tell me if this looks like what it looks like to me? Or do I just have a dirty mind? Sorry butt (pun intended) I can't help but laugh...
6 years ago
Yeah, the only part that had me wondering was how pristine the obverse is of the coin.
Hi, Rachel --

Without seeing the coin in-hand, I'm 99% confident this is indeed PMD -- it looks like the coin was hammered onto a gritty sidewalk or something. From everything I can tell in this photo, those marks came along after the coin/design was struck.

Thank you for the photos and for reaching out... Best wishes!

-Josh @ CoinValues
6 years ago
I'm working on getting better pictures for ya.

This is pmd right? It's just strange because it's pretty smooth. I rinsed it in acetone to see if someone may have coated it with something like a clear coat nail polish or something and it's still the same. Is it a vise cent?
Hello Rachel,

WOW, I think this might be a doubled die, but I'm not sure as I pull in and out of the zoom ratio on the reverse photo.

I suggest submitting a high-resolution photo of the reverse to John Wexler of the folks at CONECA for possible attribution.

John Wexler:

Good luck!
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