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  Saturday, 06 February 2021
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HI, It has come time to sell off some of my silver coin collection and do not want to make the wrong judgement call.
I am leaning towards selling to a silver dealer for weight price per oz. as silver is up but dont want to sell a coin that has more value if sold by date and condition..MM form westchester co. n.y. any suggestions from seasoned sellers?And of course I dont want to be ripped off.
3 years ago
thanks for the info, been offered 13x face value for each walking liberty, franklin and kennedy 50ct piece, still looking for a reputable dealer i can trust, plus some .999 bars and ,925 commemerative coins.Thanks again.
3 years ago
If you are talking about bullion silver the easiest would be to sell to a coin dealer, even an online one. For numismatics and collectibles you will be better off face-to-face with a reputable coin dealer in your area. Premiums are very high right now and silver is in great demand. However, do not expect to get nearly as much as the prices that are advertised for sale. Most coin dealers will be more than willing to pay decent money for your collection only to turn around and sell it for a higher premium.
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