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  Wednesday, 06 February 2019
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Lettering is of , and the date unable to tell what the last # is the other 3 # are perfectly fine
3 years ago
Hello John, your attachments won't work on this site, you'll need to post a few actual photos in order to be able to tell you anything about your coin. But just from past experiences I will say that it is probably just normal wear for a coin that old, if by chance it is an error it should be listed on Wexler's..I hope this info helps, good luck and Happy hunting!
3 years ago
Hello I'm hoping someone can help me figure an estimate on my 1942 wheat penny with an error on the back side of it with the "M" missing in America and no tool Mark's suggesting it was done after the minting of the coin. Thanks for any information on this[attachment]20200712_201339.jpg[/attachment][attachment]20200712_201354.jpg[/attachment]
4 years ago
Need a better pic to tell you anything
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