Gold: $2317.64  |  Silver: $27.20

Barber Quarters

The Barber quarter was minted from 1892 through 1916, and coin values for issues in this popular series range from under $10 each to thousands. The main factors that affect Barber quarters are the grade and rarity of each piece. For the most part, low-end, common-date Barber quarters are worth a small premium over their intrinsic bullion value, while scarcer issues or high-end examples of any date (including common dates) are worth hundreds of dollars and up.

What most people realize when they begin collecting or investing in Barber quarters is that their coin values show a lot of spread, even for individual specimens within a single issue. For example, the relatively common 1898-O Barber dime is worth around $16 in a grade of Good-4, but sells for nearly $9,000 for an MS-65 specimen. The same is true for rare Barber quarters, too, with coin values for pieces like the 1901-S Barber quarter ranging from roughly $5,000 in G-4 to more than $77,000 for an MS-65 example.

Still, despite coin values often reaching past the prices of some exotic cars, the Barber quarter – so named for its designer, Charles E. Barber – is hardly a coin out of the financial reach of most buyers. That’s just one reason the Barber quarter series remains popular today and promises to remain a top collector and investor piece for many decades to come. Older, classic series such as the Barber quarter series will always have a following, and presumably values for this coin will always be broad enough to warmly welcome a diverse range of numismatists and excite even the most seasoned coin investors, too.