Gold: $2398.76  |  Silver: $29.22

Tips For Finding 2019 W-Mint Quarters

Have you heard about the 2019-W America The Beautiful (ATB) Quarters? These new coins from the West Point facility of the United States Mint total just 10 million in number and have entered mainstream circulation. That means they can turn up just about anywhere – pocket change, coin rolls, even as change from the next vending machine you use. And w...

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Collectors Seeking Rare & Valuable 2019-W Quarters From Circulation

The 2019 W quarters from the West Point Mint in New York are in circulation and collectors are going crazy trying to find these rare and valuable coins in their pocket change. But why are these new quarters being made at the West Point Mint? Why are they valuable? And what should you be looking for? Read on for the answers! What' So Special About T...

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