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Added a comment in 1944 Lincoln Wheat Pennies
  about 5 months ago
Andrew, the "missing" mintmark means it was minted in Philadelphia and coins from that mint do not have a letter on them. Check out our library article covering [url=""]mintmarks[/url].
Added a comment in 1955 Lincoln Wheat Pennies
  about 7 months ago
If the penny is truly red then it could be worth some good money. However, true red pennies are rare and it is common for pennies to take on unusual colors after circulation depending on the environment. The "B" looking like an "R" could be damage or it could indeed be an error. We do not appraise coins, and doing it over the internet would be impossible, anyway. To be sure you would have to take the coin to a reputable coin dealer for appraisal.
Added a comment in 1941 Lincoln Wheat Pennies
  about 10 months ago
Images can be uploaded in the forums, not in these article comment sections. Anyway, your new links are visible. Keep in mind that 1941 pennies are not rare, and your circulated specimen probably wouldn't be worth much more than ten cents or so. If you are a penny collector it's good to hang on to it but don't expect it to be much more than a keepsake.
Added a comment in 1941 Lincoln Wheat Pennies
  about 10 months ago
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  about 1 year ago
No mintmark means the coin was minted in Philadelphia. We have a nice informative article on mintmarks that you might enjoy: [url=""][/url]
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