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Added a comment in 1898 Indian Head Pennies
  about 6 years ago
Hello, Matt -- A well-circulated 1898 Indian Head cent is generally worth $1 to $3. The better the condition, the higher the value, with uncirculated pieces going for $50 or more. Best, Josh
Added a comment in 1942 Lincoln Wheat Pennies
  about 6 years ago
Hi, Matt! A circulate 1942-S Lincoln cent is worth about 5 to 10 cents. Best wishes, Josh
  about 6 years ago
Awesome, Streber! Thank you for letting us know the site is helpful. Yes, you're exactly right, premiums have come down since the 1990s on almost all pre-1933 US gold coins. How low will they go? That's anybody's guess, but the market shift is happening... Best wishes, Josh
  about 6 years ago
Hello, Cecil -- While we can't provide investment advice, per se, we can say that the bullion market has been on a general price incline over the past two to three years since late 2015, when silver and gold prices hit their lowest prices in years. Bear in mind, bullion prices are no where near their nominal price highs of 2011/12 or their inflation-adjusted peak in 1980, but the market seems healthy and may offer great investment potential in the year ahead. Fingers crossed for you, Josh
Added a comment in 1958 Lincoln Wheat Pennies
  about 6 years ago
Hi, Ken -- If you found it in pocket change, it's most likely a Philadelphia 1968 Roosevelt dime, which would not have a mintmark. However, if you upload a photo I'll be glad to look at the surfaces of the coin and determine if it's the 1968 no-S proof Roosevelt dime. Best wishes, Josh
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