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Kory Justin Kuizenga
27 Oct
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I am a non-conformest born in Panama City, FL on an Air Force base... let's just say I have moved around alot in my 29 years on this Earth. in my early years I was very have to let it slide this put any many different sports. my favorite sports are in no particular order are football, basketball, baseball, track, Cross country,and underwater basket weaving laugh out loud that was just a joke that last one hahaha. I've really really hard life so far. When I was in football I was pretty badly injured and the next thing I know I was and the Powerful prescription drugs named OxyContin and vicodin. To this day I curse the doctors who put me on these medications because I have not been able to kick them since... and I was put on these medications over a decade and a half ago so let's just say that's all I know at this point.One good thing is I have yet to give up the fight of someday hoping to get off these medications for thank you for reading this short paragraph about myself...
-With much love, yours truly; Kory J. Kuizenga-


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