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Gold: $1960.74  |  Silver: $24.28

The Effects of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Crisis on Numismatic and Bullion Coin Values

With most of the world on lockdown, financial markets crashing, the economy imploding and serious social consequences on the horizon, it is no surprise that the unprecedented crisis unleashed by COVID-19 is having serious effects on precious metals. While gold and silver futures ride their roller coaster in the paper-traded futures markets, the rea...

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Commitment of Traders Report & Why Precious Metals Will Rise Soon

Commitment of Traders Report (the COT Report) on gold and silver futures trading is a weekly report released on a Friday for data at end of trading day the previous Tuesday by for trading positions, long & short, at COMEX (a subsidiary of CME Group). Within minutes of release other interested parties aggregate and publish the data. I l...

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Reality Today

​You are living in a time and place when empire and State are strong, the individual is weak. When enough individuals get motivated they will demand justice. The pigs currently in control of the trough won't like that. There are case studies. MLK is a good one. When the noise becomes loud enough the strong State responds. That's the way of power .....

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Brexit Pushes Gold, Silver Skyward

The Brexit has caused gold and silver bullion prices to skyrocket. After the United Kingdom voted by referendum to leave the 28-member European Union on June 23, 2016, world markets quickly responded with a rally on silver and gold bullion prices. When the bullion exchanges opened on Friday, June 24, per-ounce gold prices jumped from $1,263 to $1,3...

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What Rare Coins, Modern Art, and Birkin Bags Have in Common

​At first glance, the juxtaposition of rare coins, fine art, and luxury bags might seem somewhat odd. What may such different items as coinage, paintings, and accessories have in common? In this case, these are three examples of sought after investment vehicles that can serve as a hedge against inflation due to their rarity, value, and timelessness...

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Silver Prices Riding Roller Coaster for Decades

With silver prices fluctuating greatly up and down over the past few years, it can be hard to remember for some investors, especially those who are relatively new to the market, that we've "been here before" and "done that." Many silver pundits want buyers to believe that now is the time to buy silver, with some claiming that we may never see price...

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Streber Released from Prison

​Hi gang, I was just released after several weeks in solitary where I did a lot of deep thinking and here's what I came up with: The great Keynesian experiment is ending.The FED and all Western Central Banks are out of tricks.The EU experiment, always doomed, will soon collapse.China is a basket case.Gold has been putting in a rounde...

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Market Selloff: Possible QE4 and its effect on Gold and Silver

Market Selloff and Precious Metals Technicals There was nothing but a sea of red yesterday on Wall Street. At one time during the trading session, the Dow fell around 550 points. The S&P 500 followed suit approaching a key psychological level of 1,800, only later to recover during a mid-afternoon rally to close down 22 points at 1,859.33. WTI O...

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