Gold: $2413.24  |  Silver: $31.42

Silver Mexican Pesos Are Beautiful American Alternative to U.S., Canada Silver Dollars

Many hobbyists enjoy collecting classic Morgan and Peace silver dollars from the United States or Canadian silver dollars from the mid 20th century bearing the likenesses of King George V, King George VI, or Queen Elizabeth II. But it seems far fewer coin collectors consider the world crown-sized silver beauties from Mexico. The coins of Mexico sho...

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4 Bullion Coin Buys Collectors Will Love, Too

Bullion coins were originally designed for metals investors who want to store gold and silver in an easily manageable and accessible form. Yet, over the last few decades, gold and silver bullion coins have become a popular area for diehard numismatists. Whether United States silver and gold bullion or world bullion, coin collectors are increasingly...

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Mexican Libertad Bullion Coins - An Exciting Investment Alternative

​Mexican Libertad bullion coins are at the top of many coin collectors' and investors' wish lists, and not just because these pieces are affordable additions to silver and gold portfolios, but also because they offer beautiful designs. Mexico's Libertad coin series began in 1981 as a 1-ounce 0.999 fine gold coin. In 1982, Mexico began issuing 1-oun...

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