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Ten World Silver Bullion Coins Worth Collecting in 2017

Bullion investors love world silver coins and so do coin collectors. In fact, one of the fastest-growing segments of the modern coin market is among collectors who enjoy building sets of world silver bullion coins. There are dozens of different world silver bullion coins out there, many of which appeal to a wide variety of coin collectors. Here's a...

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Four Ways To Find World Coins For Your Coin Collection

Many coin collectors want to know how they can go about adding world coins to their collections. "World coins" is a relative term that generally refers to coinage made outside the nation of a given collector's residence. So, in the case of a United States coin collector, world coins would include coinage from Canada, Mexico, the nations in Europe, ...

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The Joys Of Collecting World Coins

Just about every coin collector at one time or another has an interest in collecting world coins. While defining what a "world coin" is depends on one's regional perspective, it's safe for just about every purpose to describe world coins as those that originate from a nation other than that in which the collector was born or lives. For a coin colle...

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Silver Mexican Pesos Are Beautiful American Alternative to U.S., Canada Silver Dollars

Many hobbyists enjoy collecting classic Morgan and Peace silver dollars from the United States or Canadian silver dollars from the mid 20th century bearing the likenesses of King George V, King George VI, or Queen Elizabeth II. But it seems far fewer coin collectors consider the world crown-sized silver beauties from Mexico. The coins of Mexico sho...

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The Joys Of Collecting World Crowns

I, like many other coin collectors, enjoy world crowns. They're beautiful coins with high silver content and relatively affordable prices. By no means are crowns an economically efficient vehicle for buying bullion – silver bars and traditional bullion coins are, gram for gram, cheaper for silver stackers by far. Still, world silver crowns are amon...

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4 Bullion Coin Buys Collectors Will Love, Too

Bullion coins were originally designed for metals investors who want to store gold and silver in an easily manageable and accessible form. Yet, over the last few decades, gold and silver bullion coins have become a popular area for diehard numismatists. Whether United States silver and gold bullion or world bullion, coin collectors are increasingly...

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Investing In Silver & Gold World Bullion Coins

Gold and silver world bullion coins offer investors a multitude of options for investing in precious metals. While the beautiful silver and gold American Eagles are popular investment coins for bullion traders, it seems more and more people these days are looking beyond the tried-and-true United States bullion coins and are also indulging in coins ...

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