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Why Are Jefferson Nickels Ignored?

It seems like everywhere I turn, coin collectors are talking about Morgan dollars, pre-1933 gold coins, and Lincoln cents. But Jefferson nickels? Why isn't the hobby abuzz over the nickel bearing the face of the third United States president? Jefferson nickels are certainly popular enough in commerce. Hundreds of millions of Jefferson nickels are m...

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5 U.S. Coin Series That Are Cheap To Collect

Coin collecting doesn't have to be expensive. In fact, there are ways for coin collectors to assemble entire sets of coins without spending more than a few hundred dollars to complete their sets. Several United States coin series lack expensive key date coins – the types of coins that can leave the cash-strapped collector staring at hopelessly empt...

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Silver Wartime Nickels: Cheap, Popular Silver Coins From the 1940s

Silver Wartime nickels are popular coins among collectors who appreciate history and enjoy 20th-century United States coinage. The 35 percent silver five-cent coins are colloquially referred to as "Wartime nickels," though they contain no nickel at all. Nickel, which was temporarily removed from the five-cent coin during the period 1942 through 194...

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Silver Jefferson “Wartime Nickels” Can Still Be Found In Circulation

​If you're looking for silver coins in pocket change, you best keep your eyes peeled for wartime nickels. That's right – silver coins can still be found in circulation. It may seem curious to some who are reading this that the five-cent coin, widely referred to as a "nickel," provides the most lucrative opportunities for silver bugs. Let me explain...

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