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Is Now The Time To Collect Susan B. Anthony Dollars?

You don't really hear much about Susan B. Anthony dollars in coin collecting circles. The collectors who were around in the late 1970s and early 1980s, when Susan B. Anthony dollars were originally struck, largely remember them as a failed attempt to introduce a dollar coin into widespread circulation. Those who are younger or simply didn't pay att...

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5 U.S. Coin Series That Are Cheap To Collect

Coin collecting doesn't have to be expensive. In fact, there are ways for coin collectors to assemble entire sets of coins without spending more than a few hundred dollars to complete their sets. Several United States coin series lack expensive key date coins – the types of coins that can leave the cash-strapped collector staring at hopelessly empt...

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Why Does The U.S. Mint Continue Making $1 Coins If They Aren’t Being Used?

1.1 billion dollar coins sit in United States vaults, awaiting the day – if ever – that they see the light of day in circulation. The United States Mint will make millions more dollar coins in 2016 as it wraps up the Presidential $1 coin program with the Ronald Reagan dollar and also strikes the Native American dollar coins. Yet, why did the nation...

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Women's Group Urges Removal of Andrew Jackson from the $20 Bill

If one group has its way, Andrew Jackson may soon be disappearing from the $20 bill. Women on $20s is a non-profit campaign to place a woman on the $20 bill. A fitting gesture, they say, because their hope is to have this new $20 bill ready for printing in the year 2020 -- the 100th anniversary of the year women were legally given the right to vote by the ratification of the 19th Amendment. 

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The Susan B. Anthony Coin – Why Did SBA Dollar Coins Fail?

On October 10, 1978, Susan B. Anthony coin legislation was approved, and the first circulating coin honoring the women’s rights pioneer was on its way to production. The Susan B. Anthony dollar represented a downsizing of the dollar coin.

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