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What Happened to the Canadian Penny?

Having a hard time finding Canadian pennies in circulation these days? It's not just you! That's because the last Canadian one-cent coins were made for circulation in 2012. And as they're being spent and turned in at banks, they're winding up at the smelter and disappearing forever. So why did Canada say, "eh, goodbye" to the penny? Are Canadian pe...

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New 2019-W Pennies Are A Hit With Lincoln Cent Collectors

The United States Mint has made history by striking the first Lincoln cents bearing the "W" mintmark from the West Point Mint in New York, and collectors are loving these new pennies. There are three types of 2019-W pennies being struck, and each is being offered as a premium freebie in three types of United States Mint collector products for 2019 ...

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1793 Coins: Why Early Large Cents Are More Popular Than Ever Now

There's a very special reason large cents from 1793 are spending more time in the numismatic spotlight recently. They represent the very first official coinage of the United States Mint, which was established in Philadelphia in 1792 and began striking federal coinage in 1793. The United States Mint first struck copper coins, which were initially di...

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Collecting 2017-P Lincoln Cents

The 2017-P Lincoln cent is more than just another interesting coin to look for in pocket change. It's the first one-cent coin in the 225-year history of the United States Mint to bear a "P" mintmark indicating the Philadelphia Mint. While some collectors may not think this is a big deal, this is actually huge from the history standpoint, and many h...

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How Do You Collect Canadian Pennies?

Most hobbyists approach collecting Canadian pennies as they would any coin series – usually either by type or date. Type collectors enjoy assembling runs of both large cents and small cents depicting each of the changes seen on those coins over the years. Such a collection would be a challenge to finish, though one that's far more affordable than c...

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Why Lincoln Memorial Cents Make Great Collectibles

Take a look at your pocket change. How many pennies do you see? Of those, how many sport the classic Lincoln Memorial reverse design that was struck from 1959 through 2008? The Lincoln Memorial penny was struck by the billions upon billions. But there are fewer of them popping up in general pocket change today than before 2010, when the current Uni...

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Collecting Canadian Small Cents

Canadian small cents are great coins to collect because they represent a relatively affordable series yet still offer many challenges for even the most seasoned of coin hobbyists. While Canada introduced its one-cent coin in 1858, the denomination was originally struck as a so-called "large" cent, similar to the half-dollar-size U.S. large cents an...

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