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What Happened to the Canadian Penny?

Having a hard time finding Canadian pennies in circulation these days? It's not just you! That's because the last Canadian one-cent coins were made for circulation in 2012. And as they're being spent and turned in at banks, they're winding up at the smelter and disappearing forever. So why did Canada say, "eh, goodbye" to the penny? Are Canadian pe...

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1967 Proof-Like Canada Set Is A Hot Collectible

There are few world coin products as popular as the 1967 Canada proof-like coin set. It was among a long-running series of annual proof-like coin sets that contain one example of each denomination of Canadian coins minted in the 1960s, including the one-cent coin, nickel, dime, quarter, half dollar, and silver dollar. These aren't just any Canadian...

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Canada Revives Classic Designs In New 150th Anniversary Proof Coin Set

The Royal Canadian Mint (RCM) is celebrating the 150th anniversary of Canadian confederation, and the beneficiaries of this patriotic birthday bash are coin collectors. The RCM has long been one of the most prolific producers of commemorative coinage, a tradition that traces back decades and notably includes seven of the most popular world coins ev...

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How Do You Collect Canadian Pennies?

Most hobbyists approach collecting Canadian pennies as they would any coin series – usually either by type or date. Type collectors enjoy assembling runs of both large cents and small cents depicting each of the changes seen on those coins over the years. Such a collection would be a challenge to finish, though one that's far more affordable than c...

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Canada Looney Tunes Coins Keep Collectors In Stitches

Canadian Looney Tunes coins are spreading joy among bullion investors and numismatic collectors these days. In 2015, the Royal Canadian Mint began offering a series of coins that honors one of the most world's most beloved cast of animated characters – Looney Tunes. These silver and gold Canadian coins – many of them colorized – come in a variety o...

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Collecting Canadian Small Cents

Canadian small cents are great coins to collect because they represent a relatively affordable series yet still offer many challenges for even the most seasoned of coin hobbyists. While Canada introduced its one-cent coin in 1858, the denomination was originally struck as a so-called "large" cent, similar to the half-dollar-size U.S. large cents an...

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A Guide to Canadian Maple Leaf Bullion Coins

​Canadian Maple Leaf bullion coins have been popular on the international metals market since 1979, when the first Canadian gold bullion coins were released for sale. At that time, the only other major gold bullion coin on the market was the South Africa Krugerrand, though it was not widely available as many nations boycotted goods from the African...

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Canadian Silver Dollars Offer Unique Collecting Horizons For Coin Collectors

​I've been collecting Canadian silver dollars pretty much since I began my pursuits in coin collecting in the early 1990s. When I analyze why I enjoy collecting Canadian silver dollars, I usually come up with the same answer: they're large silver coins with a beautiful array of designs, most of them featuring scenes from the great outdoors. As a co...

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Canadians “Spocking” $5 Bills as Tribute to Star Trek’s Leonard Nimoy

Canadians are taking pen to paper and altering, some would say defacing, their $5 notes as a tribute to Star Trek actor and acclaimed director, poet, and singer Leonard Nimoy, who passed away on February 27 at the age of 83.

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