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Gold: $1960.74  |  Silver: $24.28
We take a close look at special coin series and lay out the details in black & white.

Vienna Philharmonic Coins Drum Up Bullion Investors, Collectors

Vienna Philharmonic coins are gold, silver, and platinum bullion coins that are struck by the Austrian Mint and sold to metals investors and coin collectors around the world. The bullion coins, which were first introduced in 1989, carry design themes inspired by the Vienna Philharmonic orchestra (Wiener Philharmoniker). On the obverse of the Philha...

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Canada Looney Tunes Coins Keep Collectors In Stitches

Canadian Looney Tunes coins are spreading joy among bullion investors and numismatic collectors these days. In 2015, the Royal Canadian Mint began offering a series of coins that honors one of the most world's most beloved cast of animated characters – Looney Tunes. These silver and gold Canadian coins – many of them colorized – come in a variety o...

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Collecting Canadian Small Cents

Canadian small cents are great coins to collect because they represent a relatively affordable series yet still offer many challenges for even the most seasoned of coin hobbyists. While Canada introduced its one-cent coin in 1858, the denomination was originally struck as a so-called "large" cent, similar to the half-dollar-size U.S. large cents an...

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Limited Mintage Stardust Silver Terminator Round!

​Stardust Silver is a brand-new company that the rare coin and precious metals industry should know about. They have just introduced their first, limited mintage Terminator Silver Round, and the piece is unbelievable. The Terminator movie series has been a fan-favorite since the first movie came out around 31 years ago. Stardust Silver took initiat...

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Tips On Building An Eisenhower Dollar Set

Eisenhower dollar sets are popular among coin collectors who prize the last of the regularly circulating large-size dollar coins. Minted from 1971 through 1978, Eisenhower dollars measure 38.1 millimeters in diameter and are as wide as Morgan or Peace silver dollars. Relatively large, heavy coins, Eisenhower dollars didn't circulate well at a time ...

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Silver Wartime Nickels: Cheap, Popular Silver Coins From the 1940s

Silver Wartime nickels are popular coins among collectors who appreciate history and enjoy 20th-century United States coinage. The 35 percent silver five-cent coins are colloquially referred to as "Wartime nickels," though they contain no nickel at all. Nickel, which was temporarily removed from the five-cent coin during the period 1942 through 194...

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A Guide to Canadian Maple Leaf Bullion Coins

​Canadian Maple Leaf bullion coins have been popular on the international metals market since 1979, when the first Canadian gold bullion coins were released for sale. At that time, the only other major gold bullion coin on the market was the South Africa Krugerrand, though it was not widely available as many nations boycotted goods from the African...

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Bullion Shark Offers Stunning, Privately Minted Bullion Products

​Bullion Shark offers its customers a full line of Bullion Shark silver bullion products. This line includes a 1oz silver round, 10oz silver bar and a 500oz "Great White Box." These products are unique in that they are IRA eligible, unlike many other privately minted products. This means that these silver bullion items can be purchased with IRA fun...

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Investing In Silver & Gold World Bullion Coins

Gold and silver world bullion coins offer investors a multitude of options for investing in precious metals. While the beautiful silver and gold American Eagles are popular investment coins for bullion traders, it seems more and more people these days are looking beyond the tried-and-true United States bullion coins and are also indulging in coins ...

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Why Old Lincoln Wheat Pennies Make Great Collectibles

​I've always been a fan of old Lincoln wheat pennies. These classic coins were struck at the United States Mint from 1909 through 1958 and are one of the most widely collected coins of all time. One of the first coins I ever placed into my collection was a 1941 Lincoln wheat cent that I found in pocket change back in 1992, and wheat pennies continu...

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Mexican Libertad Bullion Coins - An Exciting Investment Alternative

​Mexican Libertad bullion coins are at the top of many coin collectors' and investors' wish lists, and not just because these pieces are affordable additions to silver and gold portfolios, but also because they offer beautiful designs. Mexico's Libertad coin series began in 1981 as a 1-ounce 0.999 fine gold coin. In 1982, Mexico began issuing 1-oun...

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Canadian Silver Dollars Offer Unique Collecting Horizons For Coin Collectors

​I've been collecting Canadian silver dollars pretty much since I began my pursuits in coin collecting in the early 1990s. When I analyze why I enjoy collecting Canadian silver dollars, I usually come up with the same answer: they're large silver coins with a beautiful array of designs, most of them featuring scenes from the great outdoors. As a co...

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The Susan B. Anthony Coin – Why Did SBA Dollar Coins Fail?

On October 10, 1978, Susan B. Anthony coin legislation was approved, and the first circulating coin honoring the women’s rights pioneer was on its way to production. The Susan B. Anthony dollar represented a downsizing of the dollar coin.

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The Sacagawea Dollar Coin – The Rise & Fall of a Coin We Thought Would Succeed

Remember the excitement over the Sacagawea coin? If you were in any way involved with the coin collecting community in 2000, you may recall the buzz surrounding the long-anticipated release of the Sacagawea dollar coin. The Sacagawea golden dollar was supposed to fix all of the problems associated with the Susan B. Anthony dollar, which had been released in 1979 but quickly failed to circulate. By 1981, the coin was in production only for coin sets. Later that year, the SBA dollar was retired. It was minted again one last time in 1999, when dollar coins were seeing circulation in the postage stamp machine circuit and some mass transit systems.

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